CPU and Memory monitor creation

Hi Team,

Need to create monitor for CPU,Memory,Diskspace … In which more than 80% should trigger Warning alert and if its greater than 90% should trigger Error alert. I’m not familiar with creating monitors with Visual studio. So could someone help me on this.

I would start with Kevin Holmans fragments.

Hi Shekar,

Out of curiosity, why are you using Visual Studio to create the monitors? I think you can override the current Monitors in SCOM to set these up.

Morning, did you get this figured out? It is super easy with SCOM to do the things you mention. What version are you using?

we are using SCOM 2016 version. can you help me on this

This is easier done through a remote session. I am based in New Zealand, where are you based?

Hi Shekar,

I found this and thought this might be helpful in giving you some ideas on how to create alerts in SCOM.

Things to note would be:

  • the Correct names of the Alerts/Monitor you are trying to work on
  • everything you do/change in a setting is called an Override and these need to be saved in its own MP
  • anything new you create like monitors, groups , rule etc needs to go into its own MP.
  • Creating your new MP’s are usually referred to as Custom MPs and should be labled appropriately to easily be differentiated from the Default MPs

Hope these helps.

Below monitor type has been already used for this type of request. But we cannot create via console.