Create dashboard from custom performance counter


I managed to insert custom performance data into scom (random inserting 0 or 1 every 30secs).

I also was able to display that information in SquaredUp (see image).

What i would like to accomplish is:
-Display a status indicator (0 is red/error and 1 is green/ok)
-Create a visio based dashboard based on my own counters

Any tips on how to do this?

You would need to create a unit monitor that uses the performance collection to evaluate the data for a health state.

Visio can be used to show health states for objects. More info in this article:

Thank you for your info.

Monitor is created for the specific group.

How can I bind that specific monitor to a status dashboard in squaredup? Now it’s showing green status, how can I bind that to my “BarendsTestMonitor”.

I created the following: