Create filter in tile level so we will search specific alert from alert section tile

Hi Dashboarding team,

Is there are any way we can use filter option to search specific alert from alert section tile ,or search server from.server status tile when we have lots of alerts and servers in one group.

I know the filter criteria in the dashboard while we are creating.,but I want to search for specific alerts from all alerts or specific server from.all server status like we have in Scom console.


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I have had this feature request for several years. So if you raise this as a feature request maybe we can have this done in the product :slight_smile:

How we can enable this feature request for our licence?
Can you please guide we will enable this feature…

You cant enable it. Its not in the product.

Like I wrote, this is a request from my side and it seems like you also want this. Please drop a request to Squared Up that you want this feature.

Gottcha…Will raise request with squaredup to see if they are planning to release this feature or not… Thanks for you help mate…