Create multiple alerts from logfiles

I have a software that creates separate logfiles for each system on the computer that runs the software. How should I go about for making a monitor that picks up when the logfile server0001.log contains ‘error’ and then closes the alert when the same log contains ‘good to go’
And in the same time creates a new separate alert when the logfile server0099.log contains ‘error’. All logfiles will be located in the same folder and new servers (logfiles) can be added now and then.
If it cant be solved the backup solution will be to move the logfiles to each server and then have the logfilemonitor look on each server instead. But I would prefer if I wouldn’t need to open for access to each computer from the softwarecomputer.

How often does a new logfile get created? If its not to frequent maybe you could have a discovery that creates an object for each logfile and then a monitor that targets that logfile class?

Otherwise I guess you need to loop through all the logfiles in Powershell and somehow correlate the errors.