Create scom group with all instances and object related to the windows computer

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we have more than 2500 server monitored by our scom environment, i want to create a group for only Production servers “dynamically matching PRD in the windows computer Name” but then there are other objects that are critical but not added to the group as the MS dynamics instances and Navision, etc…) is there anyway that i can use to have a group that contains only PRD systems and all their contained objects “not only healthwatchers” ? we need to target it for notifications and better / controlled alerting.

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Create a new group in Authoring >>> Groups with a Dynamic Inclusion Rule that’ll select only the machines you require.

For Example, we use:

(Object is Windows Computer AND ( NetBIOS Computer Name Contains PRD) AND True)

See if this works

( ( Object is MyApplicationClass AND ( Host Server Name Contains PRD ) AND True ) OR ( Object is Windows Computer AND ( Display Name Contains PRD ) AND True ) )

This ‘should’ give you the application as long as its hosted on a “PRD” computer as well as all computers called PRD

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Here is an article that discusses what I think you are looking for.

We have a group MP that has multiple groups. Each group is for a particular object type based on the servers in the windows computer group in the MP. So the Windows group has the logic to grab the servers and then the other groups all use that group to populate the other types of objects like Hard drives, SQL components, Cluster objects, etc.

You will need to know the objects you are looking for. It took us some time to find the appropriate XML coding as well based on the article mentioned.

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Don’t be afraid to use an empty top level group, named “Production”, and then use dynamic subgroups for the “Production” Windows Computer objects, Health Service, Logical Disks, Virtual Machines, etc. It’s an easy way to organize them.

If you are wanting to do some custom classes, use the article that jswadley shared above. It’s another great way to handle what you’re wanting to do.

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How has this been solved? I am facing the same issue right now. Need to create a dynamic group which contains the Windows-Computer, the HealthService-Watcher and all other instances that match a given computername like “PROD01”.

Still working on it

When I tackled this I did an or query for windows computer NetBIOS name contains or heathservice watcher containains net bios name with something in the NetBIOS machine I was looking to include

yes thats what i do , but i also need other instances to be added to the group. which are not windows computer (AX Dynamics PRD instances, SQL, etc… the problem also is that the object name here doesnt contain PRD, so i cant just add another class to the dynamics rule"