Creating a Dashboard that shows useful information about HDDs

Hi there,

i want to create a dashboard that shows me some information about the free and used space for some servers. I tried using the matrix tile which is very helpful and provides the information needed but it doesn’t show me the name of the server, just the name of the disk (C: or D:). I created this view by selecting my group of servers and then i have chosen the Class “LogicalDisk (WindowsServer)”. Is there a way to add the servername to the matrix tile?

Hey Markus,

You can edit the json for the matrix tile and adjust as needed.

More info here: How to use the Matrix tile – SquaredUp Support

Check out the “Editing columns in the JSON editor” section - Specifically, you need to add a labelTemplate in the config > display block. The default is displayName property, though you should include the principalName property too. Example:

		"title": "State",
		"_type": "celltile/status",
		"config": {
			"display": {
				"labelTemplate": "{{properties.principalName}} - {{displayName}}"

Hope this helps!

Yes, really nice :slight_smile: This information was very helpful. I added a new column with the principalName. Thank you very much.

Not a problem - That article in general is really useful and has lots of tips. You can also take a look at this webinar: