Creating a Distributed Application that Contains the Related VMware (Veeam) Datastore


Does anyone know how to create a Distributed Application (DA) or what class I should use to create a DA that contains the datastore a particular VM is sitting on?

I’m using the Veeam MP and when I look at the VM, I can see that it has a related parent that represents the datastore. When I look at the datastore, I can see the child relationship that is the VM.

Short version, I wanted the DA to include whatever datastore is related to the Virtual Machine. So if the VM is migrated to a different datastore, the correct object will appear in the DA, thus maintaining monitoring for the new datastore automatically.

Here’s an image of the relationship:

Right click the datastore object Instance Properties - The class is shown in the property box:


The top of the box shows the class:


Assuming the MP has the information on the VM associated with the datastore, you should be able to search for an object, of which, the datastore is included in the path. Not knowing the MP, I can’t say for sure.

In general, the best advice I can give is this: Read the MP Guide. There’s always a “How health rolls up” diagram, a list of classes in the MP, among other things, and this should give you an indication of what class you’re after. Failing that System Center Core is your friend (