Creating dashboards programatically

I’ve created a KPI dashboard and I would like to create one for each of our 50+ SharePoint Farms. I know I can clone it, but…that would take quite some time

Does anyone know how to author dashboards programmatically and/or somehow automating the creation of these dashboards? I’m guessing I just need to update the scope in the XML with the SCOM ID of each farm…

Good idea? Bad idea? Guidance

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I managed to achieve a similar thing with PowerShell a few weeks ago. Here’s the script I used to replicate a dashboard that already has the page-level scope set to a SCOM group:

# First, load the XML file corresponding to the dashboard
[xml] $xml = get-content C:\inetpub\wwwroot\SquaredUpv2\Configuration\Views\OriginalDashboard.xml

# Replace the page-level scope group ID with 'all windows computers'
$xml.View.Scope.Group = '6f7e3306-beeb-2996-3795-7c1eafb925b8'

# Replace the title 
$xml.View.Title = 'All Windows Computers Dashboard'

# The filename (less the .xml extension) becomes the dashboard ID/url 
$id = "AllWindowsComputersDashboard"

# Now save the new dashboard. Remember to add a .xml file extension

# The new dashboard should then be accessible via: 
# http://localhost/squaredupv2/grid/index/AllWindowsComputersDashboard

Hope that helps!


This is a nice script. But a solution from SquaredUp should be much nicer. Something like a base page with a variable, just lilke the original groups page.