Creating Perspectives V3

Is there anyway for me to create perspectives within V3 without amending the default ones assigned to servers?

The reason I ask is that I am trying to create a complete dashboard with everything related to the application within the same dashboard, similar to when you click on a server and see the performance tab, monitored entity etc…


Any help would be welcome.

Hi, if I understand you correctly. That should be possible if you navigate to the application/class/object you want to start from

I have navigated to a object without any perspectives other than the dafaults

Following on from what Erhnst has said, there’s a little + at the end of the list of default perspectives. Clicking that will allow you to create your own perspectives for the object / group / class you are looking at.

The following video shows how to go about this and gives an idea of what customization V3 is capable of:

That’s what I wanted to avoid, and wanted to create some brand new ones.

However looking at it this way should also suffice, and help me achieve my goal.

Thank you