Creating SCOM report

HI Team,

Kindly let me know how to create report for the Server Installation and Decommission report in SCOM.

Hi Arunbalaji,
Welcome to the community.
What are you expecting to see in this report?
Is it for a list of servers with their operating systems and versions?
Do you only have Windows or Linux servers or do you have a mixture?
I am unsure what it is you would like to see

Hi Jock,

The requirement is needed to create custom report that the agents which are installed into SCOM monitoring and the agents are which are removed from SCOM monitoring in the particular time window.

Do you have SCOM Reporting server?
You could run a report over a group of servers Health…
Microsoft Generic Report Library :arrow_right: Health
…for the period of time that you specify and gather the servers that were not up for the whole period. Not exactly what you’re after, but it is a start. If you have SCOM 2019 UR2 or newer, you could find the Auditing reports of use…
SCOM gets Auditing for Admin activities and SCOM’s future after 2019 UR2 — Cookdown