Custom Alert Columns


I am trying to make an alert view, where I can list other properties than those listed as possibilities.

More precise i want to show the property “SiteName” for each alert.

I have tried to edit the JSON code, and just write “Sitename” in a column, this just returns an empty column.

Is there a way to list all properties ? I can see in SquaredUp v4 there are alot more possible options, but I cant get it to work in V3 or V4.

Best regards.



I know that I could just create a script, updating one of the CustomFields, with the SiteName property, but I would like to avoid alert changing scripts if possible. :slight_smile:

I have used SQL tiles in some cases where properties aren’t pulled through that I want to use. You just need to be able to create the SQL query to return what data you want.