custom column in alert tile

Is there any way we can add custom column in alert tile for all of the alerts showed in list view like “snow direct link” and if we click that link it will let me navigate to snow page.


I know there is way to do in alert perspective by editing scom.json . But i want to do this is the main dashboard page itself.

Hi Santosh, you can show custom columns (that you populate in SCOM) to show in SquaredUp too.

Alert tile>columns>show hidden columns. Click on “show” in front of the column you want to show it.

Hope this helps.

HI Badger,


Thanks for replying back as always. I know we can hide and unhide column.My requirement to add hyperlink to the incident in alert tile only which lets us to another ticketing page.

Similar we have in alert perspective.

Hi santosh

For SCOM to auto-populate the ticket ID, it needs first to retrieve that data from the ticketing system in some way, like Alert Sync from Cookdown.

Once you have that, it’ll most probably populate it in one of the custom fields, which you can then add in your dashboard.

SquaredUp by itself won’t be able to populate the ticketing link by itself afaik.

Hi Badger,

I think i am very bad for phrasing the statement.Please forgive me. We already have integration available with SNOW and we have incident available in the field ticketid as well. We already did some customization In alert perspective as mentioned in the blog and it is working as expected.

I am also able to populate the ticketid column in the alert tile, what i am looking if we can navigate the ticketing tool directly by clicking the ticketid in main dashboard itself.

Hi Santosh, my apologies if I'm not understanding the question correctly, as I've not done this myself before. Skimming through the article you provided though, it looks like it works similarly in the way that I said earlier.

Do you not see this field when you see columns in SquaredUp?

Maybe it’s worth raising a ticket with support then?