Custom Label not displaying data

I have a “Tile” dashboard, scoped to a class where I want the label to be custom displaying the version of the product as derived from attribute discovery.

I have populed the label template with the name/value I want however it is not showing as the label for the object. I can see the name/value pair when using the mustache selector so I know the data is there. Screenshot show such.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Try 1 by 1 first
Then try with different cases (all lower, 1st letter capital)
Try without “attributeDiscovery”

If your MP class definition uses “attributeDiscovery” as part of the name of the attribute, check if possible to remove that portion of the name (makes no sense anyway, as they’re all attributes and all discovered)…

Worst case, remove the dot between attributeDiscovery and the actual attribute name…

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