Custom labeling - css - height not working



I am using CSS to make some custom labels. - Basically it works as desired.

{{#if (value.substring(0,2) == “##”) }} <span style=“background-color:#D3D3D3;display: block; “> {{value.replace(”##”,"")}} </span> {{else}} <span style=";display: block;"> {{value}} </span> {{/if}}

However, if I use the code above and specify that font-size: 150% or 2em or 50px the font is bigger, but the cell not. - The text is cutted.

How can I solve this?






Hi Ruben, may I please ask what tile and visualization are you working with?


Hi Ruben,

Currently there are some limitation with the SQL and WebAPI grid tiles, where the column width is not adjustable. This is something that has been identified and is being prioritized in the next version(s). Regret the inconvenience!


Hi Badger,

I am using the Web-API tile.

Hi badger,

understood. - Thanks for clarification :wink:

Let me create a ticket for an official feature request then :wink: