Customer View to SquaredUp scom dasboard


I try to create customer view to SquaredUp scom dasboard. Customer have to see only their own servers and network devices and nothing else. I’m aware that there is “Open Access” setting that allows just this BUT it is open website and everyone can go to that page if somehow the url leeks to wrong hands.

I have also created a user account for customer and created new dasboard to that account. However there is still “more” and “+”- buttons available at the top of the toolbar and customer account has acces to squared up settings. How do I create a view where customer has to log in first and where they only see their own stuff and nothing else?

Is the problem that the customer can see other dashboards as well?
You have a function under settings that is called profiles where you can assign which dashboards a user can see.

You can also set permissions for what the user can do there.

If the user can see objects on other dashboards and servers you have to adjust the users rights in scom.

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Hi. Set up profiles in SquaredUp to limit what they can see and also make sure you scope the user in SCOM so they can only access their own devices.

This blog may help in setting up the SCOM side of things.

We do it to limit some departments to only their own patch of servers.

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What SquaredUp settings do they see? By default it’s only scoped to SCOM admins.

First create a new profile in SCOM, assigning right to see all objects (preferably based on a group or similar)

Create a new profile I SquaredUp and assign their dashboards to that profile menu.

Be aware of that your customer can search for other dashboards not visible to their profile, but cannot see objects in that dashboard as SCOM RBAC is controlling that.


Thanks for the responses! It seems our dashboard is somehow different in general because everyone can see everything by default and whatever I change from the “Profiles” view, everyone can still see “more” button and can access to settings. I need to ask our Scom provider what to do with this.

Hey Juha,

The permissions of Squared Up is set on two levels.
One is determined on the level of Squared Up, where based on your AD permissions, you will see different types of dashboards and navigation bars. This will also allow or disallow you to change the dashboards and perspectives in Squared Up.

Another level is SCOM itself, which has a predefined roles which you can put specific users or security groups in, like Operations Manager Administrators or Read Only Operators.
When you create a group based on that role in SCOM, you can further narrow down what kind of objects (fe. SQL Operators can see SQL Servers) that specific role can see.

The security set in SCOM will also determine what you will see in Squared Up. For example, a user which is part of the SQL Operators group will not be able to see any objects of the IIS Dashboard.

So it is recommended to configure your navigation bars and dashboards in a way that certain roles cannot see certain dashboards.

Hopefully that clears it up a bit.