Customize Image Tile Size - A work-around

Hi guys,

I added an image to a Dashboard and wanted to have it a specific size.

The only way that worked for me was by leveraging a little bit of HTML.

  1. Create a Subfolder in your Inetpub\wwwroot, called it CustomPicturesForSquaredUp for example
  2. Place the image you need to resize into the folder. E.g. LockedADUser.png
  3. In your Dashboard select the HTML5 web-content tile
  4. Add this line of code,:
    <img src="http://YourSquaredUpBox/CustomPicturesForSquaredUp/LockedADUser.png" height="60">
    1. Use the value beside of height to customize the hight - here it is 60 as example ( and width ) of your picture
  5. Proceed with the next step of the tile.
  6. If you like click on the </> ( code ) to change the size of the web-content tile. Here you can change the height in the JSON definition, e.g. here 68:
    "display": {
    		"zoom": 1,
    		"height": 68,
    		"border": false,

Problem solved :slight_smile: