Customize Squaredup V5

Hello, I have upgraded Squraedup v4 to v5. What are the possible way to customize or add something new to the dashboards.
I’m actually new to Squaredup, thanks in advance.

Hello Kazi,

There are a lot of possibilities, that is the beauty of SquaredUp :slight_smile:

I recommend checking out some of our great documentation, perhaps starting with the fundamentals page where you will get to grips with the basics easily by watching some videos: Fundamentals – SquaredUp Support

Have fun!


Thanks John, i have a quick question. Can v5 works with both SCOM and Azure on the same platform ?

Absolutely you can run SquaredUp for Azure and SquaredUp for SCOM onto the same Virtual Machine.

When installing SquaredUp for Azure be sure to familiarize yourself with the steps required: How to install SquaredUp for Azure using the installer – SquaredUp Support


Hi Kazi, just keep in mind that there are separate products for SCOM and Azure, and like John said you can indeed install them in the same machine. The SCOM product can also connect to Azure Log Analytics in a limited way so I’d suggest you trial both products and choose the one (or both!) :slight_smile: