DA SLO affected by maintenance mode?

I have a distributed application that is composed of web services / app services / database that is all on one server. I have the server configured to go into maintenance mode in the evenings around 5:45 pm. However, I see the state changes flip flopping and have this message in the context. Any ideas how to correct this? The SLO is going down due to this.

“The monitor has entered maintenance mode, or was requested not to change state when it had exited maintenance mode”

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If it's monitor state SLO, I think you need to uncheck "Planned Maintenance" in the configuration

Thanks Jelly. I don't have this one checked. I have unplanned maintenance, monitoring unavailable, and monitor disabled checked.

It appears that between midnight and 2 am it's going to "monitor disabled" judging from the downtime report. Man, it'd really be nice to be able to see this information in Squared Up rather than having to run a report in SCOM. Now, do you think I'll have to put it in maintenance mode during this timeframe as well? Why would it go to monitor disabled? It'd be nice if you could just set your SLO between the periods of business hours.

Well, had an update meeting regarding this and was asked if it’s possible to be able to drill down into an application on this dashboard that say has a 90% SLO and pinpoint why right from there? For example, can you click on it and then be presented with the exact scoped data that is tied to that SLO for that application and present the alerts that affected the SLO?

The SCOM Availability report for the application shows some great data like an availability graph but the presentation of this in Squared Up is nonexistent out of the box.

Any help here would be awesome.



It is possible to create a perspective that for example:

Shows SLAs for 24 hours, 7 days, 14 days, 30 days

Shows only monitor alerts for those periods (i.e. only alerts that change the state of the object and affect the SLA - although that does not include other disruptions)

Surfaces the relevant monitor for the DA/SLA which you can drilldown on and see the state change history.