Dashboard Actions Parameters


Does anyone know if there are any environmental variables exposed when defining a new Dashboard Action?

I’ve created some scripts to allow end users to restart Services in specific instances when they are experiencing problems.

The scripts create a log file but as they run in the context of the SCOM Agent it’s not currently possible to know who triggered the request to restart a Service.

What i’d really like is the option to pass the current user in as a parameter from the Dashboard Action configuration, but I have no idea if this sort of information is exposed in this way.

Grateful for any feedback people might be able to give.


Whilst the scripts do run in the context of the SCOM Agent, SCOM itself does track the user that triggered any task (regardless of source) - this information isn’t exposed in Squared Up but is available via the SCOM SDK and SCOM console.

If you wanted to show this in Squared Up, you could create a SQL tile or Data on Demand (PS SCOM task) on a perspective that either performs the necessary PowerShell or SQL query (would have to be against the SCOM Ops DB rather than DW).

Shouldn’t be too hard to show the last 10 tasks that ran against a target instance, or when a particular task ran.

Hope that helps!