Dashboard Design Question

I’m working on building out executive dashboards that drill down through organizations and services in and ITSM context.

For each defined organization in the service catalog, I want to create distributed applications which are essentially groups of applications. Garden-variety groups won’t work.

This all works fine and dandy, but when I click on an organization (say something like messaging and collaboration), I’m taken to a dashboard that is more DA focused than I’d like. I can click on the topology and see the state of all the applications, but that’s not quite what I am after.

What I’d like to do is click on a donut for an organization, and then to a custom dashboard that shows me the health state of all the children (the individual components of the DA), and have each of those be clickable, and be taken to another application-specific dashboard.

I suspect I’ll need to create custom perspectives, but I’m not sure where to find guidance. I hope this makes sense.

Having the apps within a group would solve this for you. The benefit of a group is it gives you a drilldown.

Construct your Top Level Group which contains your apps (or other groups, if you need another level of drill-down). You can then create your own perspectives on individual groups and these can then be pinned to the navigation bar to appear as dashboards.

A perspective can also display the different components of its children, i.e. breaking out the web components of the child applications.

Let me know if this makes sense :slight_smile: