Dashboard Layout Issue

How do I make a dashboard something like:

No matter what I try, I can’t get the editor to produce anything like the above, specifically the three columns within one column. The IIS web server perspective has it, so it’s possible - is it done by manually editing some file somewhere?

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You could also cheat - copy paste the Json and then just edit the cells :wink:


Doh, why didn’t i think of that! Thanks!

Be sure to change the ID though. Each dashboard and perspective need unique IDs and dups will mess everything up :wink: PowerShell: [guid]::NewGuid()

Were you able to accomplish what you were trying? If so, could you provide some additional details on how you did it?

I"m keen to see your results - I’ve often wondered the same thing and haven’t got around to investigate.

I think what I ended up doing was to clone a dashboard that already had a similar layout, like the Server perspective one, and then edit that. I think I remember trying the editing Json as well but it’s a while ago and I got sidetracked by a thousand other things! I’ll try and find out what I did and update later.