Dashboard Server - SVG and custom objects

Any plans/thoughts to allow dashboards with say SVG backgrounds and custom objects (thinking eclipses, squares etc) to allow for status indicators, much like the full product did back in the day.

For example a dashboard with an SVG of say a storage array and a square with drive status over layed on the SVG?


We’re in the early stages of discussion with this one - No ETA but I highly recommend reaching out to support so we can add you to the engineering item.

It’s definitely something I miss in DS.

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will do, thanks for the quick response. :+1:

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Yes, team will be looking into images as backgrounds for a future release (after 5.2). @vinbab is tracking requests for this that come in via support tickets :+1:

I thinking things like SNMP monitoring via Powershell or REST calls for hardware , or maybe network connections between geographic locations, and seeing dashboards with the link status

Indeed that is something that I also would love to see! :slight_smile:

It would help to reduce the neccessity for custom Management Packs if no alerting is required.

Please +1 :wink:

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