Dashboard showing failed patch installs?

Currently, we’re applying OS patches with SCCM. Is there a way to pull patching status to see if patches failed to install?

Couple of options:

  • Use the SQL tile to query the SCCM databases to report on it.
  • Use a SCOM agent task to query either SCCM or the server itself
SQL Tile: https://support.squaredup.com/scom/v4/Walkthroughs/Tiles/HowToUseTheSQLTile/

Agent task: https://support.squaredup.com/scom/v4/Walkthroughs/Tiles/HowToUseTheSCOMTaskTile/

Bonus - Use the PS MP to create the task.

PowerShell MP: https://cookdown.com/scom-essentials/powershell-authoring/


I like Jelly’s ideas there I will have to look into how to do that query. Now what I currently do is a perspective that runs a data on demand powershell which runs get-hotfix | sort-object installedon

My intent on that was to be able to see when a machine last patched but it does also show failed patches on that machine. Nice thing is it is live and does not need to wait on the database to update.

You can also use the URL tile to embed an SSRS link if you have patching related reports.