Dashboard Widget that Only Shows Specific Alerts?

Okay, I’m having trouble thinking this one through and I need some idea’s…

I’ve been asked if I can create a dashboard using SCOM, Squared Up or a combination of both that only shows specific alerts. This is for an ITIL Event Management project.

For example, we have a DA that rolls up a bunch of alerts, but out of all of those alerts, only 5 of them should show up on the dashboard. And then we have a second DA with it’s only set of alerts.

Is something like that possible?

Are you only looking for one type of alert?

If so - you can go to ‘advanced’ – target a class that is relevant such as ‘Windows Computer’ then in the criteria field scope the alert with something like:

Name like ‘%IIS Log File Space%’

And it will only show alerts with IIS Log File Space in the title – make sure you note the ‘% …… %’

Or something like below, which I use to view OS alerts only… memory, CPU and disk for eg.

Name LIKE ‘%Failed to Connect%’ OR Name LIKE ‘%Memory%’ OR Name LIKE ‘%CPU%’ OR Name LIKE ‘%Disk%’

Hello everyone,

First, thanks for the replies!

For the immediate need, I’ve used the “LIKE” keyword to pull in those alerts that are needed. But I worry as time progresses, the logic for the dashboard will grow and become a huge-unwieldy-long-unreadable-string-of-and’s-and-or’s. :slight_smile:

I’ve been playing and I think I’m going to use System Center Orchestrator to “tag” the alerts. Then the dashboard only needs to look at the “tag”.

In any case, I’ve since learned that there are 3rd party tools that do this kind of customized alerting, like Derdack Enterprise Alert and PagerDuty. That said, we’ve decided to stay within Squared Up as much as possible, so those tools won’t work for us.

Hey Shawn,

You could also use a command channel for this I suppose. Or you could also change the priority level of the alerts. F.e. give the alerts you want to see high priority.


As Matthaus has said. More info: https://support.squaredup.com/v4/Reference/AlertCriteria/