Data on Demande CMDB

Looking for tips or suggestions on how to best get server owner information out of my CMDB (SCSM) and onto a dashboard in Squared up. This would be a huge help if I could pull a lot of my custom fields over such as Primary contact, owning team and which patch window the server is in. Looking and trying to figure out best way to do this. Any tips or tutorials would be very helpful. I keep watching the masterclass video and it is currently pushing the limits of my current level of knowledge I know I will grasp all the concepts in there soon and be ready to move on to the next hurdle in delivering better dashboard out to my users.

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I have no experience With SCSM on this Level, but i am surprised the two Products dosen’t integrate better than this out of the Box.

I can try and guide you in the right direction as i have done the same thin With data from Our CMDB.I suggest you extend the Windows Computer class With your additional Properties (Customer, service Level +++). You can populate the data With a PowerShell script or you can create a custom discovery that runs on the management server(s) to do the same.

I ended up creating a New management pack With a discovery targeting the management servers which grabs all the data from a web based CMDB With a rest API endpoint.

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My first thought was to create a perspective for windows computers and then pull in the server name from my cmdb database and display the relevant views not sure if a database view would work best or a script. I already have all the data in the cmdb just need to pull it into a dashboard view.

Perhaps use of the SQL tile would suit your needs?

I was thinking the same thing. I am sure its just my learning curve hitting me again but how would I have the query dynamically update with the name of the server being viewed?

The Squared Up team will be issuing some guidance and product updates in the next few weeks to demonstrate how you can integrate with SCSM and other CMDBs. Watch this space.


I talked to Squared up and there is currently no way to dynamically do a query with a SQL Tile though they did say they were looking into if that could be done in a future build


The only thing that would be relevant would be to aggregate the SCOM ObjectID to the server within the other application. If you are able to assign the ObjectID as a custom field, which could be called via the SQL query, this should achieve the end goal.

Don’t quote me but this should be partly achievable with v3.1 bringing in web API’s for other services into SquaredUp.