Database Query Result Monitoring Management Pack for SCOM

Hi all,

Does anyone have an updated version of this MP that works with the new SQL Version Agnostic MP:

(It was published on Savision site but Martello Tech bought out Savison and this MP has been removed.)

If not, can someone help me out on how to update this one to work with the new SQL Version Agnostic MP.

I believe we need to update some References but I am not a MP developer so need some help in this area.

Hello Saiyad,
True, Zvi (Greg) brought it into the Savision packs.
But perhaps if you write a feature request to be compatible with the sql version agnostic packs here, he might respond.
Issues ยท UretzkyZvi/Database-Query-Result-Monitoring-Management-Pack-for-SCOM (

I dont know what exactly needs to be adjusted either, would have to examine the code as well for that.

Thanks Bob.
I will be in touch regarding SCOM Admin Training. Any idea if there is any Forums for MP Author/Pro users?
Need some help in that tool but assistance is just in Silects you tube videos.