Default Perspective?

How do you change the Default Perspective for an Object? i.e, when I drill down on a Domain Controller, I don’t want the Domain Controller Perpective to be the first view…

I think it defaults to the first perspective? For us it’s “alerts”. Maybe change the order of the perspectives?


As Darren says above you can reorder the perspectives.

Click on the “edit this dashboard”-icon. You can then click on and move the perspectives and order them as you like. After that you publish the changes.


The left-most perspective is the default displayed. Note that when re-ordering perspectives, you are changing the position of the perspective for all valid targets - i.e. if you make the Windows Server 2012 perspective the first, it may well appear before all other perspectives on all other servers as well, not just domain controllers (depending on their perspective’s settings).

So in this case it may be better to “downgrade” the domain controllers perspective by dragging it right than it would be “promoting” the one you want as the default.