Deleting dashboards from the more tab


Does anyone know of a way that I am able to delete the dashboards out of the more tab, without affecting the others.



This is what I know:

  • The more menu is only visible to SCOM admins unless the option is enabled in Settings > Profiles
  • The more menu shows dashboards that are published but have not been placed on the navigation bar
  • Inbuilt and Community dashboards cannot be deleted

I have had some issues deleting dashboards under the More tab, but I think I figured out the workaround. Unpublish them first, and then try deleting them, as that seemed to do the trick for me.

I am also completely confused by the menu functionality. Some dashboards appear twice, one under the custom menu and one under More.
When I delete a dashboard from the More menu and do a refresh of the squardup portal, the deleted dashboard still appears. ???