Dell Management Pack

Is anyone using the Dell Management Pack and using SMASH Devices?

We have an issue (have a case with Microsoft) where new devices don’t show up in the device list after they have been added. No luck so far with troubleshooting…


So you’ve added the SMASH Devices in Authoring? (Authoring->Management Templates->WS-Management and SMASH Device Discovery).
Are you able to connect to the devices through https from the one of the servers in your linked Resource Pool?

Let me elaborate.

It works ok the first time you add a SMASH Device in the newly created SMASH Discovery rule (note, you must use a alredy present Resource Pool. If you create your own Resource Pool, nothing happens. Bug confirmed by Microsoft)

However, if you add new SMASH Devices in a present Discovery rule, nothing happens. You have to create a new SMASH Discovery for new devices to show up.

So, imagine having to create new Discovery rules everytime a new Dell Server is setup. This is not a good solution.

Have opened a case with Dell and we will see if they still support the SMASH MP in the current version (Microsoft its not that interested in changing anything in this MP).