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I was wondering how I would be able to create a dashboard that would show the logical disks for all windows operating systems that show the disks thresholds that are under the thresholds set for the disks?

This would be to assist capacity management with a dashboard they could easily view and see which servers are below the configure overrides.

I have critical for non system disks set to warning under 20GB but not alert and Critical under 10GB and generates and alert

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One way is to use the Status Block tile

  • Set scope to be advanced. Put in a group (if needed). Set the class to the class you need (eg, "Windows Server 2008 Logical Disk"
  • Set the Label to custom and put in {{path}}
  • You can put the sublabel as to something similar like {{displayName}} {{properties.sizeinMBs}}MB

All going to plan, the tiles should turn Red when they are below your configured threshold.



I have done something similar. It only shows unhealthy disks (warning, critical). It scoped on different OS disk classes and different logical units.In version 2 you could tie a healt state monitor to performance views making the bars go red/yellow. You had to go into the XML files to edit the views. Don’t know if its still available in v3 though.

Thanks everyone - this was useful

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If you want to put carriage return line feed to put a property on the next line just put a <br/> in between the properties :wink:

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You can also add a criteria to healthstate to only show disk that have meet the threshold

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