Disk performance total

Hi Guys,

We have made an graph with the following settings:


Type: Performance
Visualization: Graph
Scope: Server01, Server02, Server03 (etc etc)
Methric: PhysicalDisk | Disk Writes/sec
Total/Avg/Top: Individual Metrics
time: Hour
Display: Multi

I want the total value of all the Server Writes/sec.

So Server01: 20
Server02: 100
Server03: 50

Total 170

Can we do this?


Gr, Marcel

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It is possible to have an aggregate total for performance sparklines and bar graphs.

In your case, you will have to:

  1. Change the visualization to sparkline
  2. In the 'Total / avg / top' section select aggregate > total
You will see a sparkline that shows the total of all your scoped objects metrics.


Is this still posible in v3 ? i can only see top n for bars and sparklines no total option?