Display Cumulative Performance?

I can happily graph the individual perf counters for servers, but what if I want to get a graph of their cumulative values? i.e a Total Active Connections counter, across multiple servers?

I’ve seen some custom authoring where someone has created a Powershell probe which can take two counters from a single server and then do a Sum on them as a property bag output, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

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I was looking for this to track Remote Desktop Connections on our farms. In the end I used the powershell MP to create a custom counter that did all the math for me and store the value, and I use that in SquaredUp. There was no way to do it in SquaredUp itself I found.

We also doing similar thing for our Sonus PBX gateways.


I wasn’t sure where to share my work - I’ve got an old blog I started for SCOM/OMS and I haven’t used in ages. Decided to resurrect it and I might post some SquaredUp stuff on there that might be interesting for others.

I’ve done a post on how we are counting total connections on our RDS Collections. It’s a good starting point to combining other metrics. We are querying WMI, but I guess you could use Get-Counter or similar in it’s place.

Let me know if this is useful…upvote this post ??? :slight_smile:



In squaredup v2 we had the option for a total in the sparkline view that could do this. Haven't seen this in v3 but it would be verry good to have this back.

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I have the same need. Would be nice to have a total aggregate value back instead of having to create a custom management pack to store the data.

If you were willing to share this, I’d be really interested in how this was done.

very cool Darren. We (SQUP) are happy to support you if you do want to share your work in this area with others

I’ll write something up and post it…somewhere :slight_smile: We need a SquaredUp Wiki for handy stuff like this. Give me a day or so (I’ve got to get our SquaredUp instance fixed first :frowning: )

It’s worth sending this as a feature request to [email protected] - they are very responsive :slight_smile: