Display your Company Share Price on a Tile?

Bit left-field this one. We know that SCOM can collect anything as a Performance counter, probably using Powershell. I was thinking that it might be fun to have a Performance chart of my Company’s SharePrice, mainly to demonstrate SquaredUp capability and to get the consumers thinking outside of just Windows Stuff.

Anyone ever hooked into any free external service or feed with Powershell that would return a chosen Share Price object?

Hey, is there an API endpoint that exposes this data? If there is, it’s pretty easy to do with the WebAPI tile with a line graph.

There are talks of a Powershell tile being added to SquaredUp in near future, so just give it some time :wink:


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Makes sense. May look for any API endpoint that might be available for the Stock Market. Powershell wise, I was more thinking about having a powershell script running on a SCOM agent, which grabbed the Share Price every hour and returned it as a PropertyBag / Counter into SCOM. But a direct Powershell tile sounds good!