Displaying Azure Dashboards in Squaredup

Hi all

We have a bunch of Azure dashboards in Azure that we would like to display in Squaredup. The reason for this is due to permission within Azure. To view the dashbaord you need to have an account into Azure (not all our users have this) and secondly if you do have an account it is still restricted on what you can see via RBAC, you might see half the dashboards depending on your permissions. Also to view the dashboard you need to logon to Azure as there is no open-access model for Azure.

Has anyone been able to display Azure dashboards in Squaredup using the API tile, Azure AD tile etc?

The other option we have been trailing is connected SCOM up to Azure tenant and using a combination of that and App Insights/Log Analytics tile to try replicate the dashboard that is in Azure. We can get close with this approach but still missing some tiles.


Hi @Jimbo ,

in case this is stil relevant to you; you can pull in most information that you see on Azure dashboards by using the KQL quieries that are behind it.
Just add a Log-Analytics-Tile to your SQ Dashboard and past in the the code …

Let me know if I can help with something specific.

Please also note that SquaredUp Cloud / EAM-X comes with a bunch of prebuild Azure dashboards which can help you as a great starting point.

Best regards