Displaying elements of Vcenter in Squared up... Anyone tried this?

I’m currently using the Veeam management pack to monitor our VMware infrastructure which I have to say I can’t fault. Up until now its captures every thing we need and I’ve produce a number of dashboards to cover all of our needs,

Recently we deployed ReoverPoint for VM which is not covered in MP so I was wondering if I could some how display the Recover point summary in VMware Vcenter into our NOK style dash in SquaredUp?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you ask Veeam to include it in their MP? I am pretty sure they would work to get it added in if they knew of a customer need. I am going to evaluate Veeam vs Nice for monitoring VMWare in the next few weeks.

Does RecoverPoint have any MSSQL databases or Rest API? Are there PowerShell modules/cmdlets you can use against it?

If this is EMC storage Recover Point. Theres an API available for it. OR if recover point is integrated with vSphere and you are running vSphere 6. Use their REST API :slight_smile:

How did you get on Mooney?