Displaying N number of items, but from lowest rather than highest

In the Dashboards, it is possible to show the top N items. For example the disks with the most free space. Is it possible to show the bottom N items. What I want to show is the disks with the lowest free space. The workaround I used was to show all of them, then select “descending” and then select top N items again. This kept the sort order while showing only the top N.

I worked through this at the conference, and it looks like my logic was a bit flawed.


Timothy is correct above.

Select the “TopN”, then whether you want ascending or descending.

Also, if you reselect the whole list, the sort order you chose above will remain.

A good example of getting both the highest and lowest bar graphs would be this dashboard:


Changing from ascending to descending gives to the bottom N number of objects instead of top.

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Top N Descending is essentially “Bottom N” as you discovered. Is it that you want the list reversed so the smallest and largest values are swapped in order from top to bottom? If so, I don’t think that’s possible right now.

There is a descending or ascending option for bar graphs so you should be to show the N disks with the lowest space I believe.