Displaying one or more Specific MSMQ queues in SqauredUp

Hi, I am able to successfully display all the private queues on a specific server using the below.

However I would like to pick out one or two SPECIFIC queues on that server, Im not sure of the parameters which I need to put in though.

I assume it needs to be under Advanced on the Metric tab these need to be defined (object, counter and instance)

Metric:MSMQ Queue – Messages In Queue
Totoal/ avg/ top
show top N desc
Timeframe: Hourly
Display: Multicolour

Many thanks

Hi Martyn,

Within the Advanced section on scope you will be able to define specific objects, if the Path or Name (or some other property) is in fact different for each. You can specify something like the following:


In the class box: MSMQ Queue

Criteria: Path LIKE ‘MSMQ#1’ OR Path LIKE ‘MSMQ#2’

Or: Name LIKE ‘MSMQ#1’ OR Path LIKE ‘MSMQ#2’


This will allow you to scope your dashboard effectively. The following article should provide further information


Let us know how you get on ?

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