Distributed Application Health Unmonitored

Hi all,

i created a DA with components and initially it does not rollup the health and keep uninitialized until i place it in maintenancemode and disable the maintnenace mode again, it start calculating the Health , this is 1st issue.

2nd isusue, Once it is healthy and working fine, and i edit the DA with anther object (Added) , it turns to uninitialized again.

have anyone clue about that and how to fix it.


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Hi Aatefsoliman,

Distributed applications tend to do this fairly often and the only way to resolve the initial problem is to place the DA into maintenance mode for 5 minutes. The following article mentions placing the child nodes into MM, though this can be achieved by placing the whole DA into MM with all contained objects selected:


When you edit a DA, you are essentially asking it to recalculate it’s health state along with the objects contained within. The same premise applies as above.

Whilst this shouldn’t be the case all the time, it’s certainly happened to almost every SCOM admin out there.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: