Does 2 vcenters mean 2 profiles?

Question from a new user, setting up VMware powercli dashboards, with 2 vcenters. Would this mean 2 profiles like this ?

in squaredup.psm1

#The URL to our vCenter Servers
$global:vCenter1 = “
$global:VCSA1 = “https://$vCenter1/rest

$global:vCenter2 = “
$global:VCSA2 = “https://$vCenter2/rest

then as create 2 profiles and use

Connect-VIServer $vCenter1 -User $User -Password $Pass


Connect-VIServer $vCenter2 -User $User -Password $Pass

in the profiles?

It depends on if you plan to aggregate the data from the two vCenter Servers in a single tile (health of multiple vCenter servers in one tile for example, or all CPU metrics in one graph). If they are together then this is possible, if they are not, then you won’t be able to

As the profile will be loaded for each tile, you may not want the overhead of it connecting to every vCenter server each time it loads (future improvements include having the profile load once per dashboard, as opposed to once per tile as it is today)

From a security perspective, are the creds the same? Would you want to isolate the connections for this reason? Looking at the latter part of your question, I’m assuming this isn’t a concern as the user/pass is the same for both

I did what you said, but in the profile I set Powercli for multiple viserver