Drive Free Space - Multiple Drives

I have a view setup for free space for a drive letter. Is there a way I can put multiple drives in there to show me? Also, when I do this view it shows the same server multiple times. Any idea what would be causing that, or a way I can set it to just show one?


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Have you tried scoping All Windows Computers (or a relevant group) and not specifying an Instance in your metric?

There are a few different ways you can manage the scope:

  • Create a Group and populate with the specific drive/s you want, and scope to the group
  • Hand pick the drive/s using the list option (although if you have a lot of servers, the list result may be a little long to go through)
  • Use advanced scope to limit to the Logical Disk class and then use the criteria field to limit to a specific PATH for the server and a specific NAME for the drive/s you want.
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...let's start with your second issue first "Also, when I do this view it shows the same server multiple times."

Might I suggest a change in your configuration. Try this:


For your first question, I concur with dgallay - create a custom group that will only house the objects you want to show (C, D, E for instance) and use that as the Scope.

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You can choose what drives letters you want by separating each instance with a comma in your advanced configuration for metrics.

Here I have put instance: “D:,E:” This will display all Windows Server D and E drives.

To display D, E and F you can put: “D:,E:,F:” in the advanced instance text box.


Thanks guys. I have been busy with another project. If I get some time this week I will try the above, and post back.

I have set the instance to "C:,D:". but it still shows multiple instances for the same server. Is there a way to filter this out, or is it the way SCOM presents the data. See the attached screenshot. Thanks!