Drive Space dashboard

I have an alert dashboard scoped down to show only alerts for disk space. I have had a request to update it to include showing the size for the drive alerting and the amount of free space. I have been trying to figure out the best way to achieve this but am not having much luck as of yet. My first thought was to try and customize a matrix tile.

Matrix tile is your friend!

New tile scoped to Windows Server Logical Disk. This should default to a Logical Disk row perspective:

Throw in the criteria for HealthState = 1 OR HealthState = 2 and you will have a Matrix tile that only displays unhealthy disks, their total size, and their % Free Space.

There’s the possibility you’ll need to create another for Linux/Unix disks and you may also find that the mix of OS’s will mean some graphs don’t appear correctly, due to targeting of monitors/rules

Okay I am not seeing a Windows server Logical disk but I See one for each version. My used space is not populating either.


Also that does not get me the server names but only shows the drive.

What would be useful is when you go from a dynamic tile to a custom columns if you could see what was showing in the dynamic. It could give you a starting point for building your custom display. The drive space just suddenly started working so the default display for dynamic is about what I need I just need to add in the server name maybe in place of the healthy column.