EAM/Operational Status Dashboards

We’re looking to EAM most of our applications and present them (and those that aren’t a good fit for EAM) in a hierarchy of dashboards that map to our service catalog hierarchy, if that makes sense to people…

Is it possible to create custom dashboards that mimic the functionality of the Operation Status dashboard that is automatically created? With the components in a view along with a list of the applications?

The Operational Status Dashboard is scoped at “Enterprise Application (v1)”. Its just a Distributed Application in SCOM that are made when you create an EAM.

So if you create your own Distributed Applications its just a mather of scoping it to “Service” to get all Distributed Applications.

To get the specific Health Rollups as in EAM, that is a bit trickier. Here is a good post on the creation of DA:s

Maybe I wasn’t clear. That’s a great article though!

What I would like to do is to be able to create my own Operational Status dashboards, that group the EAM-generated Enterprise Applications based on our Service Catalog.

For a generic concept…

Enterprise Communications --> E-Mail and Calendaring --> <Operational Status Dashboard>


Something like that. Right now, the Operational Status dashboard is too massive. We have on the order of 500 individual applications supporting the enterprise. I want to put all of these in buckets, and allow drilling down into the Service Catalog and get to each catalog item, and view the Operational Status for that catalog group. Make sense?

I guess you have group scoping as well as the criteria to further scope the Matrix tile.

So somehow you need to group the DA:s you have in SCOM based on Name or somehing else. I don’t see any other way.

Either way yoo could also drop a line to the support, they are always helpful.

Hi Howard, you should be able to do it fairly easily (if I understand correctly what you’re asking).

You can create a hierarchy of folders Enterprise Communications –> E-Mail and Calendaring –> <Operational Status Dashboard> and then create individual dashboards under it.

If you want to just copy what you see in the default Operational Status dashboard, just copy it’s JSON and paste it in your new dashboard. You will need to change the scope though, either by listing individual EAs or making a group of them like Peter suggested.

Right, and there are dozens of categories and sub-categories in the service catalog. I looked at the JSON and everything is of course reference by object ID, etc… so to generate such dashboards by hand-editing the JSON to show the right application in the right ITSM context would be… painful. I was hoping there was a WYSIWYG method to create a dashboard using something akin to an Operational Status widget I could drop on anywhere, and then add a human-readable list of DAs with the components and health shown like the all-encompassing dashboard (again, Operational Status).