EasyTune incorrect "MissingOverrides" status in Tuned Groups

I have removed the Tuned Groups, also tried the route of deleting the MP's, but every time I add it back it shows a status of "MissingOverrides", but when I "View overrides..." there is nothing marked as a Missing Override.

Not sure how to resolve this, and what impact (if any) the status shown in “tuned groups” has. Anyone run into this by chance?

In the image you can see I’ve got the overrides sorted by “Drift”, so Missing Overrides should show up at the top (I have scanned the entire list as well, just to be sure they are no hidden in there somewhere).



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I’ve seen this where the management pack in use and the tuning pack doesn’t quite marry up.

One of the Active Directory management packs got a fairly heavy re-write (I can’t remember the specifics off the top of my head). So essentially v1 of the management pack had a bunch of workflows that didn’t exist in v2 of the MP and vice-versa.

A tuning pack based on v1 applied to v2 will go looking for overrides that can’t exist in v2 and then declare them missing (because they are, just not in the way it expects). The same would be true of a tuning pack based on v2 being applied to v1 of the management pack.