Edit On Demand Task (Raw) font size

I’ve implemented an on demand PS task to display a server’s Total Memory when I go to the Memory perspective, but I’d like to make the displayed value a bit bigger - is there a way to do this by editing this somehow?:

“_type”: “tile/scomtask-as-text”,
“config”: {
“context”: {},
“source”: {
“taskId”: “d808b6be-9ebf-03f4-1cc0-056c61e31244”
“title”: “Total Visible Memory (GB)”,
“description”: “”

What does the task return?

If it’s parse-able by as a PowerShell List entry you can use the “as-grid” tile instead, turn off the table headers and use the custom-template option for the column to specify up to 20px in height via a html style tag (<span style=‘font-size:20px;line-height:20px’>{{value}}</span> ).

Unfortunately if you go any bigger, the table row cuts off the text content as it’s limited in size. Sounds like a feature request to support though if you were thinking more along the lines of 80px.

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Brilliant, thanks very much!