EMC Storage Monitoring in SCOM

Has anyone been through the steps of setting up EMC storage in SCOM, are there any decent guides?

Ive only installed the MP’s so far.

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Hmmm… I wasn’t aware that EMC had any management packs for their storage array’s for SCOM…

I’ve investigated the Infront management pack for EMC’s Isilon storage array, but the storage guys wouldn’t let it use a logon to collect data. So, we ended up using SNMP to collect metrics.

Could you provide some additional details as to what you’re doing?


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This post got me researching, and found these great links to help us research the feasibility.

Hope these help you all out as well:




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Could this be of help even though it is old?

We are monitoring 3par via SCOM. And the tricky part there was to install the service to took care of the monitoring on a computer that had access to the 3par management station.