Enhance Your Dashboards with Emojis

If you are looking to make your dashboards more fun and interesting by adding Emojis, here’s how you can do it.

Adding Emojis to Dashboard/Tile Title:

Just press Win +. (Windows key and period) wherever you’re typing to bring up the emoji picker. From there, you can seamlessly choose your favourite emojis and instantly incorporate them into your dashboard elements.

Taking it Further: Adding Emojis to Specific Elements

If you want to integrate emojis into more specific elements like labels on a donut tile or text columns in a table tile, you can do this using SQL analytics.

In the following query, emojis are added to represent commute mode to office.

Here’s how the resulting table tile looks:

This is the donut output for the same query:

Happy dashboarding!


And if you’re on a Mac, just press Ctrl+Cmd+Space! :tada: