Enterprise Application : Cannot save the MAPs

Hi All

I tried to create an Enterprise Application and created the MAP for the same. New Management packs got created when the application was saved. When in editing mode i can see the application mapping, but whenever I open the EA to see the MAP, its just shows only the default 3 boxes. I found some discovery errors (8011 and 8012) in the event viewer. Not sure whether I’m making any mistakes or is there an issue. I have a working EA as well.

Any help is appreciated.

Hi Manoj,

Thanks for the screenshots

It doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong, this seems like an issue during the saving/discovery of the EA.

The 8011 events are raised at the time of saving the EA and these confirm the discovery script has started and finished. So it is a good sign you are seeing these. If you have 8012 events following the 8011 events it means there have been issues during the discovery/saving of the EA. The 8012 events should contain some information to help understand what is going wrong.

I would suggest raising a ticket with the support team as they should be able to investigate the 8012 events and advise further.


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Thanks Travis.
Yes I can seek 8012 events. Failure to get object <> and an Unhandled error “Index was outside the bounds of the array”.

I have raised a case and its running very slow. I have involved Microsoft as well in case if there is anything wrong from SCOM side.