Enterprise Application dashboard shows multiple Links(Application, Availabiliity, MAP etc..)


Recently we have migrated to SquaredUP Version4, and we have observed the following two Errors/Issues :

  1. When we try to access Enterprise Application then we see the multiple links(Application, Map, Availability) present in the dashboard, attached screenshot FYI..
  2. We see each folder name as a dashboard in the same folder


  1. Possibly a bug with the migration - Contact support and report back what they suggest :)
  2. Dashboards can no longer be folders in the navigation bar
A dashboard may not act like a folder on a navigation bar (contain further child dashboards).
Why is my Profile/Navigation bar layout no longer supported? Squared Up v4 models its navigation bar and dashboard role-based access control around a file system, for both simplicity and security. Version 3 allowed you to do several things that often ended up being damaging or counter-intuitive, and made no sense once an RBAC model was applied to dashboard visibility.