Error during config "Unable to perform the operation because of authorization store errors."

After entering the license key, the app tries to set up “Open Access” and during the “The current Squared Up application pool account (NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE) will be added to a Squared Up Open Access Servers read-only role in your Management Group. Read more.” part, I get the error “An error occurred: Unable to perform the operation because of authorization store errors.” How do I fix this?

I found it best to use a SCOM account that has read-only access to the data warehouse already for the application pool. Network Service is the default account and may not have permission to do anything in SCOM or the data warehouse.

That means I just add a user to the “Squared Up Open Access Servers” user group, right?

You might want to follow this step by step article -

Ensure that you are running as an administrator when performing this. It seems that you may not have had the correct permission to complete this action before, You should have the following user role in your environment once this has completed.

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