Errors in Operations Manager Log

Hi Guys,

after deploying SCOM 2016 (Upgrade from 2012 R2) I am seeing this error a lot in the Operations Manager Log on many servers.

Microsoft.Windows.Server.OperatingSystem.PercentMemoryUsed.vbs : Invalid number of arguments (1 instead of 2). Arguments: {3642.}

Management Pack for Windows OS is 6.06729

any clue?


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Hey Mayor,

Would recommend upgrading the management pack as a first step, you’re running a few versions behind.
Maybe there is some kind of incompatibility between SCOM 2016 and the MP version you are using.




Ypu can check your MP version on this page.

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Have you tried clearing the healthstate cache on the servers giving the error?

i have thelatest version and the issue happens only on very few servers in the whole 2500 agents , still cant figure it why … cant find solution

There was a bug in one of the older UR’s for 2016 - This has now been resolved. Hopefully, you’ve already upgraded and the issue is solved :slight_smile: